Friday Sessions, May 2, 2014

Friday Session List

Friday Session A 9:15 am - 10:45 am


Common Core

Presented by Marc Aronson, Author, Professor
Keynote presenter, Aronson will share his love of nonfiction and his conviction that young people can read carefully, examine evidence, and engage with new and challenging ideas.

A1 Handouts:


2-4-6-8! Libraries are Really Great! Positive Promotions and Programing School Libraries K-12

Presented by Shannon Resh, Librarian, South Western School District; Katherine Kaufman, Librarian, Norwin School District; Lindsey Engler, Librarian, Renaissance Academy; Teresa Miller, Librarian, Chambersburg Area School District; Laura Ward, Librarian, Fox Chapel Area School District
Invigorate your school library program with activities that celebrate events that bring reading and learning into the forefront, while demonstrating cutting-edge library resources.Sponsored by the PSLA Library Promotions Committee

A2 Handouts: PSLA Top Ten Lists

Positive Promotions Presentation


Teacher Effectiveness: Student Learning Outcomes

Presented by Karen Ruddle, Curriculum Specialist, Capital Area IU

Student Learning Objectives or SLO's are a required component of Pennsylvania's Educator Effective Model. SLOs are designed by the teaching professionals. An assessment is developed to measure the instruction provided to the student by the teacher. This session will provide an overview of the components of the SLO template that a teacher develops. Several resources will be highlighted that will assist educators in the development and implementation of the SLO.

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Meet the Pennsylvania Young Reader’s Choice Award Winning Authors: Sharon Draper and Stuart Gibbs

Presented by Jean Bellavance, Coordinator of PA Young Reader’s Choice Awards Program; Stuart Gibbs, Author; and Sharon Draper, Author
What motivates award-winning authors? Come hear the winning authors of the Pennsylvania Young Reader’s Choice Award: Sharon Draper and Stuart Gibbs talk about their books, motivation and writing styles. Attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions of each author.

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Bringing Black History to Life: Meet Author Kelly Starling Lyon

Presented by Kelly Starling Lyons, Author
Using slideshows, music, show-and-tell and book excerpts, children's book author Kelly Starling Lyons will share how history inspires her work and ways to get kids plugged in. Participants will leave with a list of children's books that salute black history and tips on connecting kids with stories from the past. Find out more about Kelly at

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Connecting Through the Common Core: How Going Digital Helped One District Meet the New Standards

Presented by Anne Bozievich, Librarian, Southern York County School District; Lynn Clements, Librarian, Southern York County School District; Wendy Fitzgerald, Librarian, Southern York County School District; Norma Conley, Librarian, Southern York County School District; Kayse Corrieri, Librarian, Southern York County School District
Learn how one district is meeting the common core through a variety of digital resources. Hear from a panel of elementary, middle, and high school librarians, and get ideas you can take back and implement in your own district. Each librarian will highlight her year-long experiences using resources such as World Book Online, PebbleGo, True Flix, SIRS Discoverer, EBSCO, ProQuest, and OverDrive to meet the common core. They will share projects and activities designed to meet the standards while also encouraging digital citizenship and online learning at all grade levels.

A6 Handouts:Connecting Through the PA Core Prezi

Friday Session B 11:15 am - 12:15 pm


Get Smart! Using Smartboards and Smart Technologies in your library

Presented by Peggy Mourer, Librarian, Seneca Valley School District; Linda Martin, Technology Facilitator, Seneca Valley School District
Join us for a hands-on, highly interactive presentation of what a Smartboard can do for you and your library lessons. Learn about its many capabilities, including easy assessment techniques. If you currently have a Smartboard but use it mainly as a “screen” for your projector this session is for you. And if you are thinking of purchasing a Smartboard here is your chance to “learn all about it” before you shell out the big bucks.

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Genrefy Your Library

Lauren Strohecker, Librarian, Abington School District; Stephanie Sweeney, Librarian, GarnetValley School District; Amey Johnson, Librarian, Northeast Bradford School District
Are you wondering if it is worth the hassle of reorganizing your fiction collection by genre? It is! Learn how three librarians (elementary, junior high, and high school) made it happen, and the positive impact it has had in their school libraries. Ask questions and get advice for developing your own plan!

B2 Handouts: Genrefy Your Library Presentation


Summer Digital Enrichment: Preventing Regression

Presented by Erin Prosser, Librarian, Hampton Township School District
How can schools help students who are performing below grade level increase their achievement and close learning gaps over summer break? In this interactive session, participants will explore how a variety of on-line technologies, web-based assessment and instruction programs can reinforce reading and math skills over summer.

B3 Handouts: tech website


Exploring Primary Sources Through the Library of Congress

Presented by Victoria Schwoebel, Librarian, Friends’ Central School
Discover how to use primary sources as research tools that help engage students, develop critical thinking skills and construct knowledge by investigating first-hand accounts of real life events. School librarian and Library of Congress Summer Institute attendee Vicki Schwoebel will highlight primary source comprehension activities for teachers and students and explore the extensive and ever expanding Library of Congress website.

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Ways to Make Reading Rock!

Presented by Bill Lowenburg, Librarian, Stroudsburg Area School District
Student-centered activities like video contests, Graphic Novel Society, Sustained Silent Reading, and Creative Writing encourage independent reading and support Common Core curricula. Learn the importance of the reading- writing connection. View the results of the great “Why Reading Rocks” student video contest and find out how to organize one at your school. Attendees will also have the chance to briefly share their own successful activities and programs.

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Books of Note

Presented by Linda McNeil, Chairman CCIU#24; Joan Theal, Retired, Milton Hershey School
The Tri-State Book Review Committee will present the Books of Note list for 2014. These titles have been evaluated as the best of the best of current materials to meet the needs of your students as readers of both fiction and non-fiction. We are supported by a large number of publishers who send books for review and evaluation. We will share our opinions with you as fellow professionals in the library field.

B6 Handouts:

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Best of the Best in Children’s Literature: Common Core Partnerships

Presented by Kathie Jackson, Librarian, Plymouth Meeting Friends School; Lindsey Long, Librarian, Lower Dauphin School District; members of the Best of the Best in Children's Literature committee.
Partnerships are key for learning; partnerships with teachers, students, and the community all enhance student learning and outcomes. Join the Best of the Best in Children’s Literature committee to hear about the best partnerships of 2013 and how you can partner with the PACCS. Sponsored by PSLA Media Selection and Review Committee.

B7 Handouts: Best of the Best in Children's Literature (BOB) is online at

This blog includes reviews from both the "best of" reviewers for children's and YA literature (fiction and nonfiction). Use the left navigation bar to find a specific grade range, genre, or just scroll through to read about all of the wonderful books available for students grades K-12 (and beyond).

Friday C Session 2:15 pm - 3:15 pm


Share, Remix, Reuse: Creative Commons and Your Library

Presented by Lauren Strohecker, Librarian, Abington School District; Tiffany Emerick, Librarian, Bensalem Township School District
Confused about copyright? Creative Commons represents the gray area between “all rights reserved” copyright and the public domain. Learn more about Creative Commons licensing and other copyright-friendly alternatives to share with students and staff in your school. Bring a laptop if you have one!

C1 Handouts: Share, Remix, Reuse Livebinder


Shared Expertise: How Student Digital Curation Promotes Critical Thinking, Participation, and New Paths of Research

Presented by Brenda Boyer, Librarian, Kutztown Area School District
Curation isn’t just for librarians! Pinterest, Scoopit, LiveBinders, Mentormob, Twitter, YouTube…Enabled by these and other tools everyone can and should be a curator – especially our students! Learn how this seemingly simple activity promotes information fluency skills, supports the PA Core, offers a creative outlet for learners, provides novel paths for research, and encourages our students to leave positive digital footprints.

C2 Handouts:

Digital Curation Handout


Teacher Effectiveness: Differentiated Supervision Projects

Presented by Cheryl Giles-Rudawski, Curriculum Specialist, Capital Intermediate Unit
Differentiated supervision is an approach to teacher learning that offers tenured educators, who have displayed proficiency, a variety of options for professional growth based upon their interest, experience, skill level, and/or need. Using the new PDE guidelines for differentiated supervision, attendees will explore how to establish and monitor specific modes of supervisory practice, such as peer coaching, action research, and individual or team-based self-directed projects.

C3 Handouts:


Getting to the Core of Intellectual Freedom in the K-12 Library

Presented by Heather Lister, Librarian, Hempfield School District; Dr. Cathi Fuhrman, Library Department Supervisor. Hempfield School District
Is it selection or censorship? – This is a question librarians have grappled for decades. This workshop will examine how some routine procedures in the library may be infringing on your patrons First Amendment rights. Intellectual Freedom is much more than the banning of books. In a digital world, censorship and restrictive access comes in many forms. This workshop will examine the ways librarians can encourage access to a vast amount of information, but will also discuss how to handle challenges that may arise. Sponsored by PSLA Intellectual Freedom Committee

C4 Handouts: Intellectual Freedom Resources (Diigo List)


Survivor: How to Succeed With Today’s Challenges

Presented by Jennifer Roth, Librarian, Gettysburg Area School District
It’s a jungle out there. For those that have survived, are struggling to survive and want to learn how to survive as a school librarian this is the session for you. We will share how to succeed with the many issues challenging librarians today including implementing the common core, budget cuts, and lack of support. Bring your best ideas and stories of how you are surviving and be open minded to hear others ideas to your library survive. Sponsored by the PSLA Students Committee.

C5 Handouts:


Your School Reads: Conduct a “One Book” Program in Your School

Presented by Lois Scarangella, Librarian, State College Area School District
State College Area High School has been promoting reading as “All School Reads” for three years. Hear about our experiences and the research we have behind this program. During the session, we’ll encourage others to share similar experiences. Together, we will collect ideas to promote an all school reading program.

C6 Handouts:


Young Adult Top 40: Common Core Partnerships

Presented by Melissa Daugherty, Librarian, Sharon Area School District; Erin Parkinson, Librarian, Ellwood City Area Schools; and members of the YA Top 40 committee
Partnerships are key for learning; partnerships with teachers, students, and the community all enhance student learning and outcomes. Join the YA Top 40 committee to hear about the best partnerships of 2013 and how you can partner with the PACCS.

C7 Handouts:

YA Top 40: Common Core Partnerships, Reviews Packet .
YA Top 40: Common Core Partnerships, PowerPoint .

Please download or print the review handout. No print copies will be available during the session.

YA Top 40 is now online at

This blog includes reviews from both the "best of" reviewers for children's and YA literature (fiction and nonfiction). Use the left navigation bar to find a specific grade range, genre, or just scroll through to read about all of the wonderful books available for students grades K-12 (and beyond).

Friday Session D 3:45 pm - 5:15 pm


Collection Development in the Age of the Common Core

Presented by Dr. Mary Kay Biagini, Professor & Director, School Library Certification Program, University of Pittsburgh
How does your collection measure up to the change in focus to informational and narrative nonfictionin the standards for English Language Arts, Reading in Science and Technology and Reading in History and Social Studies? Develop a plan to determine what areas of your collection need attention, where you can find the resources you need to fill your gaps, and what steps you need to take to make your collection PA Common Core Standards ready.

D1 Handouts:


Digital Citizens to the Core

Presented by Beth McGuire, Librarian, Hempfield Area School District
Our students are digital citizens to the core. But, how can we be sure that students are meeting the demands of the common core? By sharing best practices in instruction and active audience participation, all will be able to share what is working in their library for students. Time will be allotted to try and explore different tools and develop future projects.

D2 Handouts: Digital Citizens to the CORE Session Infographic


Going Global: Designing Global Informational Text Collaborations

Presented by Lindsey Myers, Librarian, Peters Township School District
Discover how you can assist teachers with incorporating informational texts within classroom lessons by designing engaging collaborative classroom projects! Participants explore how online tools such as ePals, Skype in the Classroom, Twitter, and Edmodo are used to connect students in Western Pennsylvania with other schools in PA as well as Spain and Colombia. Participants will begin designing their own collaborative project, and create a support network to assist each other with future projects. Please bring your own laptop or tablet to this session to begin working on your own collaborative project!

D3 Handouts: Session Resources Link


The Transition Years: Evaluating Information Literacy Skills from High School to College-Level Research

Presented by Wendy Ikemoto, Imagine Easy Solutions
This session will discuss the current status of information literacy between high school and college students. Does what academic librarians define as being information literate align with what is being taught in high schools? We will address recent information literacy findings and provide comparative analysis of how school and academic librarians feel their students are prepared for college-level research. The session will include an open discussion with attendees of their own experiences and opinions.

D4 Handouts:


Internet Safety for Young Students (K-5)

Presented by Teresa Finegan, Librarian, West Chester Area School District
In this session you will see the surprising internet safety results of a K-5 elementary school. The results are eye-opening. You will also learn how to teach internet safety to K-5 students, including websites, resources and videos.

D5 Handouts: If the Prezi doesn't open just copy and past the link into your browser.


Science and Health Resources

Presented by Lydia Collins, Consumer Health Coordinator, National Network Libraries of Medicine, Middle Atlantic Region
The National Library of Medicine (NLM) provides freely available health and science resources for students in K-12. If you work with health and science educators who are looking for reliable resources to incorporate into their curricular, then this presentation is for you. Come and learn about resources on general health, genetics, environmental health, and more. Learn about NM/LM MAR and all of the services and resources available to school librarians from your Regional Medical Library.

D6 Handouts:


e-Readers and e-Books: A Continuing Conversation

Presented by Mary Schwander, Librarian, New Hope-Solebury School District; and others
The e- book conversation hasn’t ended; it’s just getting started! This panel session will be a continuation of last years’ popular session on e-readers in the library. A panel of school librarians will discuss the newest formats and platforms available and talk about what works well…and what not so well. A question and answer session will be included so individuals can get specific answers.

D7 Handouts: eReader Panel Wiki

Friday Unconference Session 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Presented by Michael Nailor, Susquehanna University
How would you like to attend a session which received the following feedback?"I found the Unconference experience to be extremely valuable as I get to sit with other practitioners to discuss the problems of the community rather than just hear preaching. There’s only one problem with Unconference … it has spoiled me. I’m going to be bored with any conference that doesn’t have an Unconference now."

Join us for an upbeat, entertaining "open agenda" session considering some of the important issues of Pennsylvania school librarians. Come get your “Unconference” on!

Unconference Handouts: Literature Search on Dump Dewey