I am a MSLS student attending the PSLA conference in Hershey for the first time.

I have to admit that I was a little disappointed that I was not able to evaluate the break-out sessions due to the fact that I do not have a PPID number. Although I am a student, I do feel that my feedback would be helpful as well.

I have already suggested to one of the presenters that they may want to consider having a break-out session on interviewing processes and practice. There were 23 of us that attended the Got Jobs? session and there were many questions regarding interviewing. Another suggestion was having a session completely devoted to lesson planning for the new librarian! Not all new librarians have an education background and the opportunity to work with other new librarians with lesson plan ideas would be extremely helpful!

I love the networking that I have been able to do and would never have been able to meet half the people that I already have.

I attended the Top 40 YA review session Thursday evening and it was FANTASTIC! They allowed the attendees to participate in disucssions about different topics that were presented and it was great listening to all of the wonderful things that are happening in PA school libraries! I know that I have chosen the right profession and look forward to having my own library very soon!

Thank you for offering this opportunity for teacher librarians to come together to share what's new and to encourage us to continue doing what we are doing!

I am a librarian on the very cusp of retirement. My comment is that PSLA is going overboard with filling the schedule for participants. Attendees need time to breathe, to eat, to sleep! Most of our schools didn't pay our way to PSLA this year, so why are we punishing ourselves trying to fit in as many sessions as possible?!? Yes, we have a lot to teach each other, but we also need time to discuss and learn from each other. And after a long, allbeit mild, winter we need to spend a half hour in the tropical warmth of the pool.
May I suggest that:
  • Thursday evening was just fine when it was 2 hours long.
  • On Saturday, 8:30 was too early for the first session.
  • There was too little time to check out of the hotel on Saturday morning; I know at least one attendee that forgot to check out!
  • LOVED the coffee breaks! Didn't miss the food--needed the drinks.
Please don't take these statements as criticism; PSLA 2012 was AWESOME! The Conference Committee put together an incredible 3 days. Thank you so much!